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Artist Statement
“My work, on one level, allows me to share a part of who I am — an artist with a profound desire to share my artistic creativity with others. On a more definitive level, my work allows me to share the timeless beauty of the feminine figure.

The inspiration for the creation of my Ladies Series is the beautiful flowing lines of the calla lily flower. In 1991, a vision appeared to me of a faceless beauty emerging from such a flower in my garden. It was one of those moments when I knew deep inside of myself that my work was ready for a metamorphosis. Indeed, my contemporary southwestern art almost immediately transformed into contemporary women in relationship to that flower.

My semi-abstract creations remain faceless, thus allowing the beholder to use their imagination in the connection with each image.

Diversity, in the form of unlimited images created using a number of different materials and processes, gives me the most enjoyment. I am constantly searching for and experimenting with new ways to present my art.

For my Glass Collage, I employ a unique technique putting metal and sandblasted water glass together to produce a three-dimensional work of art with a fascinating “wave” effect. For my Metal Collage, I employ a unique technique of using sheets of metal and metallic acrylic paint to produce a three-dimensional work with a dazzling sheen and luminescence.

The mediums for my freestanding sculpture include Bronze cast through the “lost wax process” and a Bronze Dust through a “cold cast” process using a durable yet lightweight composite material that I developed. The medium for my “bas relief” Wall Sculpture is a composite resin material to which I apply several layers of metallic acrylic and silk paper for the gown.

I complete each piece with my trademark — one sparkling earring adorning each lady — representing her inner light.
Since 1992 I have exhibited my work at numerous private art shows and indoor and outdoor art festivals throughout the country, in cities such as New York (Art Expo), Chicago, Scottsdale, Vail, La Jolla, La Quinta and San Francisco.

My work has a constant quality and style, making it easily recognizable as being a VALENTINE. I want to be collected by people who enjoy the ladies and feel their timeless spirit.”

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